133. Are You Creating Debt? Or Are You Leveraging Your Money?
The Choice, Change & Action Podcast · 27 minutes ·

133. Are You Creating Debt? Or Are You Leveraging Your Money?

What is your point of view about debt? Are you avoiding it at all costs? Not all debt is ‘bad’ debt. It can be used to your advantage to leverage your money. 

In this episode, Simone Milasas, author of Getting Out of Debt Joyfully, talks with Wesley Pullen about ways to use debt to your advantage. Why is it ‘joyfully’? Because you are changing your financial reality; that should be joyful!

Simone was hugely in debt and she worked on getting out of debt. It's a marathon, not a sprint, but it starts with you, today! You've got to take action and really make the demand of yourself to change your financial reality. That's step 1. 

Start looking at your finances today!

Keys to success

  • Where Does Your Point of View Come From? 
  • Using Debt To Your Advantage
  • Cash Flow Is Key
  • Getting Started In The Property Game
  • What If Money Could Change Worlds?
  • Start Asking For A Different Financial Reality
  • It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Daily Questions

  • "If I had money, what could I create?"

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