134. Would You Rather Be Right or Be Free?
The Choice, Change & Action Podcast · 25 minutes ·

134. Would You Rather Be Right or Be Free?

Do you find yourself needing to prove that you are right all the time? Or maybe you tend to go to the wrongness of you? Even that is proving that you are right, by being wrong; you are right in your wrongness.

In this episode, Simone Milasas, talks about her ongoing journey away from needing to prove the rightness of her point of view, and into more freedom.

If you weren't trying to get it right, what other possibilities would be available? What freedom would be available for you?

Keys to success

  • Where Are You Trying To Get It Right?
  • When You Are Functioning From Rightness, There Is No Question
  • Where Do You Stop Questioning?
  • It Can Be As Small As Caviar
  • What Choice Is As Light As Hell?
  • Christmas And The New Year

Daily Questions

  • "Where am I trying to get it right?"
  • "What choice is as light as hell here?"
  • "Is there another choice here? Is there another possibility?"
  •  "What would I like to choose? What would be fun for me? What is as light as hell?” 

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