135. What’s Really True for You in Business?
The Choice, Change & Action Podcast · 18 minutes ·

135. What’s Really True for You in Business?

What are you creating your business for? Have you acknowledged that what you choose for your business and how you choose it creates a different future? You can either create this small confined future or you can create a massive future by your choices.

This episode is a little different.  It’s a clip from a class that Simone Milasas did with Christopher Hughes called, What Part of The Ecosystem Is Your Business? In this clip, Christopher and Simone talk about things that diminish the ecosystem of business, in particular, the need to be right or wrong.

Keys to success

  • Are You Doing Business To Prove That You Are Living?
  • Where Are You Being Desperate In Business?
  • Rightness and Wrongness and Caviar
  • The Misidentification of Rightness as Awareness
  • Your Point of View Creates Your Business Reality

Daily Questions

  • "What am I desperate to be right about?"
  • "What's my point of view about this?" 

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