Heart to Heart Talk. 20-03-2018
Voice of Change · 10 minutes ·

Heart to Heart Talk. 20-03-2018

The month of March is fast drawing to a close. That means the first quarter of the year is about to end. 2018 is moving forward at lightning speed, and for some of us we already are getting tired, because we think; this is the time some begin to realize, that the New Year’s resolutions have taken a tumble. You planned to go to the gym, every single day, but you haven’t quite made it have you?
Truly we all get discouraged, we get tired, maybe at the end of a quarter may be midyear, lost when the ‘ember’ months come, you just think there are some things you should have achieved, that have not been achieved. What then keeps you going, some try and buy a new car, some try and buy new clothes, retail therapy, some drink. What keeps me going? Will you allow me to share it with you?
What keeps me going is purpose, impact, knowing that something I would do that day would make a difference in the life of another individual, the smile on your face when I am really depressed, and sometimes it happens. Somebody defrauds you, somebody lets you down, and somebody disappoints you. Things don’t go your way, if your hopes are dashed and you get depressed, how do you pick yourself up again? by making somebody else happy. That sounds unusual, yes, I give away what I want to get.
This is how I started the journey of awesome treasures foundation, 19 years ago, April 1999 because I decided it was better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. People say somebody should do this, somebody should do that. I am somebody, as are you. Everything you say somebody should do, you are to do, as the one who noticed and is passionate about it. We live in a country and in a continent where the government cannot do everything, and they are in many ways lacking.
We need to be the ones to take charge as far as we can, to do something for our fellow African. We need to right the wrongs that we see and galvanize the people, to make a change, that’s true leadership. When I started awesome treasures foundation, I didn’t think I wanted to be a leader; the idea was just to make a change.

And today I can tell you a beautiful story, I would speak at the Muson centre and there would be a woman in the crowd, screaming ‘yes, say it!!’ and I would think to myself, ‘should I not get security to pick her up? This noise is really distracting’ but you know I could tell there was something going on inside her, she would scream from the bottom of her heart. The room had men and women in it, and you could tell, something was happening with her and when I heard her story I understood.
Her name is Elizabeth and you can watch her story at www.awesometreasuresfoundation.org which is the Awesome Treasures Foundation website. Elizabeth lives in Olodi Apapa. When she came to Awesome Treasures Foundation she did not even have an account. When she was now telling her story, she said when she heard me speak and address what she could be as a woman, in her own words ‘the lion inside her awoke ’she felt as if she had been dreaming and she suddenly found someone who could interpret her dreams.
So my listener, who is waiting on you to step forward, whose dreams? Whose entire generation and the course of their life and destiny is waiting on you. Starting up that idea you keep toying with, writing a business plan about, and keep analyzing. If I am to leave you with one charge today, it is one, just do it, start with what you have, from where you are at today. Nobody asks more of you. Do what you can with what you have today. Make today the first day of a glorious future that generations to come will write stories about.

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