Introducing Check-In Podcast
Check-in Podcast by TMR · 8 minutes ·

Introducing Check-In Podcast

In 2019, at the height of the industry’s surge pre-COVID,  the travel industry accounted for $8.9 trillion in contribution to the world’s GDP annually (more than 10% of the global GDP), along with 330 million jobs, or 1 in 10 jobs around the world. Its impact touched all corners of the global economy, connecting people from all corners of the world with friends, family, colleagues, cities, and countries that they would otherwise have no connection to. 

While the industry could lose more than 100 million of those jobs because of COVID, it is important now, more than ever, to remember the faces and names behind those numbers, the ones who worked to build, and will now have to work to rebuild, the industry. Those individuals are the subject of TMR’s new Check-In Podcast, an informal look into the lives of the people making travel dreams come true, the ones working inside and outside of the travel trade to move things forward for those 300 million people or so working inside the industry. 

Episodes, released every two weeks, are available on all major streaming platforms.

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