Episode 5: Rafi Chaudry, CEO of Torn Label BrewCo
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Episode 5: Rafi Chaudry, CEO of Torn Label BrewCo

Jam packed episode here with a great interview with the CEO of one of KC's favorite local breweries. Rafi Chaudry, the most interesting man in the world, discusses starting up Torn Label, being Russia's most wanted man, and reveals some new beers that Torn label will be coming out with this summer. 

The Ritz brother's talk about the Royals new draft pick Bobby Whitt Jr and the hype surrounding him. Patrick Mahomes was chugging beers at the Stanley Cup finals in a Blue's jersey, what will the kids think? 

A new Poke Bowl restaurant seems to be opening up on every corner, and Danny has no idea what a poke bowl is. This week we try Alma Mader Brewing and review. There is a lot going on this weekend so be sure to listen and find something fun to do this weekend!


Music is from Stefan Shaulinsk and Hooksounds.

Podcast is hosted by anchor.fm 

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