FAUX NEWS: Delusion Is One Hell of a Drug

FAUX NEWS: Delusion Is One Hell of a Drug

This is a special look at the new Arctic Sounds news satire podcast and spiritual sequel to Let Me Be Clear, FAUX NEWS! This news satire podcast has all the familiar elements of sketches, characters, and goofy headlines you know and love. You can find it at this link (https://bit.ly/2UNtPXt) or wherever you get podcasts!

Before the Thanksgiving break, the Faux News crew covers the culture war over men in dresses, Trump’s continued coup, the COVID holiday crisis, the Pope’s Instagram, and more! Plus, we’re joined by a right-wing luminary who thinks liberals are cancelling Thanksgiving and a very confused mom.

FAUX NEWS is a news satire podcast. Produced by Matt Coggins with Seth Hart, Taylor Boes, and Farrell Tatum.

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