Why you need to throw out your long term career plans
The Equity Gap · 17 minutes ·

Why you need to throw out your long term career plans

Planning, visioning and setting goals should be my Capricorn selfs dream, yet they really aren’t. And naturally, the last 18 months have me rethinking, a lot, about what it means to be so focused on goals, career plans and making decisions based on other peoples roadmaps or expectations - how we’ve all been programmed to think in milestones, goals and achievements and how much I think we desperately need to move away from that, yes, really.

Long term career plans limit you from accessing curiosity and an interdisciplinary approach to finding purpose, meaning and joy in your day to day work. Listen in to hear more on how you can lean into curiosity, core desired feelings and design a career to love, on your terms.

References in the episode:

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