A Dynamic Brand on the Move with Tim Mason
In the Club by Club Colors · 73 minutes ·

A Dynamic Brand on the Move with Tim Mason


  • Roleplaying helps to overcome the nervousness of selling
  • The apparel industry: The good, the bad, and the ability to pivot
  • Tim's practices for peak mental and physical health
  • Creating content: Know your buyer and how they use your product
  • Start your day with routines that get you to the next level


Tim: "If you love what you sell, you have a really good job of convincing the rest of the people of your product."

Tim: "If you go in prepared, like anything in life, you're going to come out a lot more of an added advantage to someone when they're listening to you, because you can tell someone who does their homework versus someone who just shows up to make 15 calls in a week."

Tim: "Relationships in this industry are complete king. They are. And you never know who you're going to run into. You never know how much that's going to impact your business or what's going to happen behind closed doors if you have really good influence or have a reputation in the industry."

Tim: "I always try and plan out what I'm going to do that's going to get me to the next level, and that's really engage with my team, going out and finding new ideas, how to create our culture, make it a little bit better, coming out with new merchandise, what's happening Q3-4, etc, that's really the dynamic of how I roll."

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