Cooking up Influence with Mike Haracz
In the Club by Club Colors · 87 minutes ·

Cooking up Influence with Mike Haracz


  • Going viral with McDonald's and living your personal brand
  • Create strong content by becoming part of the community first
  • People want to know who they're buying from
  • Passion beats talent any day


Mike: "Are you all familiar with Rick and Morty? Are you familiar with the Szechuan sauce that came out at McDonald's for Rick and Morty? I am the guy who brought it back and made the Internet explode."

Mike: "Listening to your audience is of utmost importance because they will tell you if you're doing good or bad. They will tell you if you're playing too much or not enough. They'll tell you if you sucked that day or if you were awesome."

Mike: "Nobody's going to believe you if you just pay for it. You're going to get impressions, you will get zero engagement. So a lot of people will see your awesome ad but if people don't believe in the ad, it's not going to move them."

Mike: "There's an entire internet universe that is not real. Well, if you open a restaurant in there and it becomes so popular, you can use that brand to make a real life restaurant and leverage. So now, metaverse is you're in digital and you're in real life."

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