Create Attention and Awareness in Your Branding with Pete Durand
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Create Attention and Awareness in Your Branding with Pete Durand

This episode of the In The Cl ub Podcast by Club Colors features Pete Durand, Chief Executive Officer of Cruxible Partners and host of the Eating Crows Podcast. More and more people are utilizing LinkedIn and building their brand through content creation. It's never too late to start investing in your brand, but you should start now!

Pete joins the show to talk about Cruxible Partners and how the Eating Crows Podcast came about. He shares valuable insight on weathering through an economic crisis and how you can stand out during these times. He also talks about why creating a branding experience is integral as a business owner, recruiter, or even as a job candidate.



  • How Cruxible Partners came about
  • Recruiters that are saying that they're doing what they're not doing will be found out
  • How folks can separate themselves from competition during economic crises
  • Pete's time working with Alex B Sheridan
  • Setting a goal for LinkedIn interactions
  • Creating an event-driven branding experience



Pete on creating a culture whether for remote work or in the office: "Again it's back to the roles and the type of culture. And you have to see the leadership walk the talk. They walk the halls. Do they really care? Are they hoping you succeed so that everybody succeeds? That's exhausting by the way. I don't think people realize that's hard to do."

If you haven't invested in your brand already, you're almost screwed, says Pete: "You're going to go quiet, then you're already far too quiet. And if any of your competitors that have built a brand and their employees truly like working there, even in a tough downturn, know that their friend got let go and understand it and still believe in a brand, they will succeed."

Key principles of inspiration that Pete has gained over time: "Never stop learning. There was a period of time when I was running one of my first start-ups and about five years I got so busy and deep into the business that I stopped seeking mentors, I was just trying to survive. I just realized I wasn't improving, it wasn't helping the company and my family and I had some mentors and good people in my life that took me on the side."


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