Disrupting the Promotional Products Industry Through Automation with Jason Reinhardt
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Disrupting the Promotional Products Industry Through Automation with Jason Reinhardt

This episode of the In The Club Podcast by Club Colors features Jason Reinhardt, Co-Founder, and CCO at BRIKL. He shares how embracing technology is the hardest part because, if it was truly difficult, it would not be possible for BRIKL to be in business.

He talks about how he automated many seemingly small sales processes and created an internal environment founded on collective effort. Jason digs into actionable ways to drum up engagement from your team, as well as leadership lessons from running marathons.

Jason also discusses their drive for standardization by joining hackathons and focusing not just on their buyer's experience, but the end-user's experience. John adds that offering solutions that create the best outcomes for clients' brands is what compels clients to keep coming back.


A collective effort to create the best outcome for the client - Jason: "I changed one thing and one thing only. Everything done in our sales department is a collective effort and everything that's divided, any bonuses, anything we're doing is a collective effort. And what happens is, once I get my foundation in, I never have to hire anybody. The team does."

End-users prefer convenience over the complexity of choices - John: "In this field, it's about the experience. Could I say I want apparel, promo, hashtags, content creation, kitting, fulfillment, and all of it, could I just give all of that to you and get the same exact experience every single time? That, ideally, is what an end-user wants." 

Don't give buyers choices, give them guidance - Jason: "If you're a professional salesperson, you understand the industry and you can guide your clients. And I only like to work with professional salespeople because I do want guidance. I didn't come here to tell you what to do. It's your product... you do this for a living, where are the blind spots that I'm missing?"


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