Dream Big and Envision Your Success with Larry Long Jr.
In the Club by Club Colors · 58 minutes ·

Dream Big and Envision Your Success with Larry Long Jr.

This episode of the In The Club Podcast by Club Colors features Larry Long Jr., Chief Energy Officer and Founder of LLJR Enterprises, as well as author of Jolt!: Get Zapped into Intentionality: Rediscover and Believe in Your Inner Greatness.

Larry shares his energy as he discusses how your dreams, mindset, and attitude come together to realize your success. He also talks about being intentional with your thoughts and actions and how putting people first is at the heart of sales.    

Larry was raised thinking he will become somebody someday and, seeing his success today, encourages others to keep dreaming and believe that you have what it takes to achieve your wildest dreams—all while helping others along the way.



  • A passion for business and the Law of Reciprocity
  • PQV: Perspective, Questions, and Vision
  • A top Salesforce sales influencer and remembering to dream
  • Align your state of mind and behaviors and believe that you are somebody
  • EPIC: Entrepreneurial spirit, Practice, Internal drive, Care and communication  



Larry: "You better understand your numbers. This is a shark tank but you better understand your numbers, and I don't mean batting averages, stolen bases, RBIs. I mean the income statement, the balance sheet, and the statement of cash flows if you want to have a chance to succeed and thrive in business."

Larry: "There is no limit to the heights that you can climb, that you can achieve. Oftentimes, we put a limit on ourselves because maybe we heard someone else say it. Maybe we don't completely believe it. Maybe we're not committed all the way. But I encourage you to wipe that slate clean and realize that you can craft, you can envision where you want your life to be in all aspects."

Larry: "You got to get right with yourself. What are your priorities? What are your true priorities, and how do your actions align with those priorities? When you can get an alignment with yourself, you now have an awesome opportunity to get in alignment with other people."

Larry: "The question I ask myself, and this comes from Martin Luther King, Jr., he says life's most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing, the keyword there is doing, to help out others? And I ask myself that every morning and at night."

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