Living A Better Brand Story
In the Club by Club Colors · 89 minutes ·

Living A Better Brand Story


  • Opening a home improvement business to offer the best quality
  • Sales plays to look out for as homeowners
  • Hiring the right people with the right culture fit
  • Guarantee safety and resale value with superior installation
  • Lead with values and principle
  • Live a life that your children can be proud of


Eric: "How often do you replace your coffee maker? You replace it as soon as it breaks. But if you buy a coffee maker for 50 bucks, then you get maybe 2 or 3 years before it starts having issues, and if you buy one for 300, 400 dollars, then you might have it for 20, 30 years. It's not really any different with roofing, windows, siding."

Eric: "If somebody comes in and they're leading with 'we're the cheapest,' there's a lot of guys that actually go out especially if they're working out of their truck. Get all your estimates, when you're done, I'll beat everybody. But nobody seems to question how. Like, how are you beating everybody?"

Eric: "If there's a project put together, the homeowner should win, obviously, get what they pay for or actually better. The installer should get paid what they did. The rep that went out there get paid for their and the company makes a profit... and everybody should be happy." 

Cris: "That's the organization you should look for because how they handle situations that are moments of crisis will tell you what their core DNA is. And if they are interested in just protecting their profit, they won't do the things that are necessary to protect their principle. And that's how you know if you've got somebody you want to bet on."

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