Overcome the Fear Mindset and Stretch Your Dollar with John Morris
In the Club by Club Colors · 28 minutes ·

Overcome the Fear Mindset and Stretch Your Dollar with John Morris

This episode of the In The Club Podcast by Club Colors features your host, John Morris. During economic downturns, it's natural for companies to want to cut back on spending. John talks about the fear mindset during moments like this and how to realign your thinking to get the most time, money, and emotional return on investment for every dollar spent. He also discusses personal branding and using it strategically internally and externally to build brand awareness.



  • Fear mindset and maintaining connection during economic uncertainty
  • Lead from the front: Personal branding that trickles down from the top  
  • A single point of contact maximizes time, money, and emotional return
  • Engagement with appreciation internally, externally, and personally



John: "How do you keep demand gen and lead gen on the high, how do you keep that momentum, while at the same time how do maintain strength and depth of partnership with the current folks that you have when you might have less staff supporting them than you had in the past?"

John: "Think about when you go into a bad economy, the reality is you're not necessarily wanting to save a buck. What you want to do is you want to make the best utilization of the dollars that you have to spend."

John: "Over the next few months, I really would strongly encourage you to take a look at whether or not you see your organization as having a strong internal branding, external branding, and personal branding play. Is there a play? Is there a strategy? And is each one of those being maximized?"


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