Psychology and Communication: 'Sugar Is an Ingredient in Hot Sauce' with Christina Brady
In the Club by Club Colors · 66 minutes ·

Psychology and Communication: 'Sugar Is an Ingredient in Hot Sauce' with Christina Brady

In this episode of the In The Club Podcast by Club Colors, John features Christina Brady, Chief Strategy Officer at Sales Assembly, along with Club Colors' own CDR Supervisor Giancarlo Amador.

Christina talks about the psychology in sales. She discusses how communicating with people is a true benefit for reps and leaders alike. In Sales Assembly, Christina shares how they focus on foundational skills which are agnostic of industry.

She also shares her experience in sales and the nuggets of wisdom she's picked up along the way. She addresses leaders too: communicating with reps using their preferred language is a mentorship opportunity to nurture.



  • A sales culture of inclusivity that recognizes everyone's expertise
  • Sales Assembly provides foundational skills-based training
  • Grit in sales is learning to fail forward
  • For leaders: Learn people's communication styles
  • Self-awareness: Move forward despite your flaws


Christina: "You can never understand foundations enough. If you have to decide between the two, always pick building the foundation first. Otherwise, you have a roof on know-hows."

Christina: "The best sales reps in the world have missed a month, have missed a quarter. Me included. It's knowing that that's coming, not pretending that it won't, but when it happens, you learn from it. Kids can't walk without falling down. They can't."

Christina: “Sugar is an ingredient in hot sauce, and what I mean by that is that everybody has a way that they like to be interacted with and it actually comes down, I'm going to go back to psychology, it actually comes down to the fact that the way that you interact and interpret messages from a communication standpoint is actually developed in the brain between ages zero and three.”

Christina: "Everybody has this core way that they want to be communicated with. The best leaders in the world don't try to guess what that is. They ask."

Christina: "You have to find the way to show your people that you care about them by digging deep so that when you have to challenge them, it comes down to thank you for doing that. Thank you for having the hard conversation because other people don't know me well enough to do it."

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