Sell with Comedy and Mercifully Short Videos with Chris Bogue
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Sell with Comedy and Mercifully Short Videos with Chris Bogue

This episode of the In The Club Podcast by Club Colors features Chris Bogue, a writer, and video consultant who creates short and personalized video content that drives revenue for business owners. Video can be your differentiator and Chris shares how he uses "mercifully short" videos to create relatability while injecting the principles of improv comedy into his brand of selling. Chris also discusses how to get started on video, playing on your inherent strengths to let them shine, and being authentic.



  • Improv, like sales, is about listening to the audience
  • Which version of me do you need me to open up?
  • Batching: Record videos and talk about your prospect
  • Display your strengths in video to be authentic



Chris: "You're doing the same thing in sales, you're not there to show them that you're the best and the smartest and that your product is the best. You want to get them talking. You want to get questions that are going to excite their imagination, and then you discover the thing together."

John: "The main job is not to be the answer or to be the solution, but the person that is going to run through walls to get you the solution, to get you the answer."

Chris: "There are two videos that any company can make on Tiktok. This is who we are, and this is how we solve problems. Either of those. For this is who we are, you can show who works at the company, who designed the product. You could share testimonials, who are the people we help. Yeah, who are our best clients."

Chris: "When you're in a one-on-one situation like that, you get all these extra storytelling tools. You get your eyes, you get your tone of voice, you get pauses. You get all these different things where your humanity comes through. And that's really what you're getting on video."


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