Shift Your Founder's Mindset on Profitable Growth with Steven Schmidt
In the Club by Club Colors · 63 minutes ·

Shift Your Founder's Mindset on Profitable Growth with Steven Schmidt

This episode of the In The Club Podcast by Club Colors features Steven Schmidt, Founder and CEO of TIDAL, along with Club Colors' own Co-CEO Jeff Baumet. Steve shares his insights on creating top-of-funnel processes for clients and how it affects profitable growth. Steven and Jeff provide a decision maker's perspective on running a business, from the stresses of the recent pandemic to modern hiring practices that help guarantee fit and mutual growth. Jeff also talks about the role of transparency in an organization, while Steven shares the mindset and shifts in priority as he became a founder and builds his company.



  • TIDAL builds top-of-funnel processes for companies
  • How to perform cold calls, pitching, and podcasting today
  • Founders' points of view on profitability, hiring, and transparency
  • Steve's growth from salesperson to founder 



Steven: "The one thing you can do consistently no matter what the economic climate is is deliver value to those people who are and aren't customers, and your customers will listen to your podcast because they like you."

Jeff: "Where transparency works is letting people celebrate the wins, even the ones that maybe aren't part of their job, keeping them up-to-date on the why. Maybe this is it, it's letting people understand the why of a decision. That's where a lot of transparency I think is really effective."

Steven: "You know who I'm going to probably buy from? Someone with a hundred thousand followers who people are continuing not just saying wow, that's interesting, but I applied this and it worked and you gave it to me for free. Because now I'm creating trust, because if I'm willing to give you something for free and you gained something from it, you're going to trust me tenfold."

Steven: "Everybody down to the person at the front desk should have clear, identifiable, measurable goals. At the end of the month, they're held accountable. Finance, receptionist, I mean, go down the list because you have to measure it and you have to reward it because otherwise that PNL just looks like a bunch of money."


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