The Influential Communicator: Tell Stories About Values with Ravi Rajani
In the Club by Club Colors · 55 minutes ·

The Influential Communicator: Tell Stories About Values with Ravi Rajani

This episode of the In The Club Podcast by Club Colors features Ravi Rajani, Founder of Ravi Rajani Consulting and host of The Influential Communicator Podcast. Today is all about communication and Ravi first discusses how to use body language to help drive your ideas home.

He also talks about using hooks to handle objections at the get-go and getting over impostor syndrome when dealing with c-suite executives. As sellers, Ravi stresses for teams to share congruent stories on your company's solution and message to align values. Have a story bank of customer success per persona, personal stories, connection-focused stories, and company creation story, etc. 


  • Be inclusive, not isolating, with your body language
  • Hooks: Handle villains and objections upfront
  • Overcome impostor syndrome 
  • Tell your company story, solution, and message
  • Have a story bank and practice delivering it


Ravi: "Your job, the way I define it, is really to get your customer, prospects, individual's attention, learn how to keep it, and then earn the opportunity to solve their problem. It's like a 3-step process, get it, keep it, solve their problem."

Ravi: "I think the biggest thing holding them back from my belief at this stage is impostor syndrome and a belief that they are not worthy to talk to C-suite decision makers because somebody else has more life experience than them."

John: "Stop just saying we're hiring, tell a story about what it is that you do, the culture that you have, the impact that you have, how people react to that, and the why, the greater why. And then, guess what? People will be compelled to do that."

Ravi: "I'll give you a few things to think about. The first is a story bank. The company should have a story bank with customer success stories per persona, they should have, for example, personal stories, connection-focused stories, the company creation story, loss aversion story, objection handling stories."

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