The Tax Strategist
In the Club by Club Colors · 63 minutes ·

The Tax Strategist


  • Create and preserve wealth with tax planning
  • A favorable experience enriches your client relationships
  • Selling virtually is fundamentally the same as selling traditionally 
  • Ask the right questions that engage fully and impart value 


Sean: "What I discovered is it's okay to call the client. Just say, hey, how you doing? You need anything from us? Because, if he does, I know about it. I can take care of it. If there's an issue, I can get right on it."

Sean: "I think it's perfectly fine if there's a touching moment or a moment that makes you human. There's nothing stronger than that. I think, as a salesperson, you should be good enough or have enough confidence to be a little vulnerable."

Sean: "If you continue to do the right thing, there's nothing more powerful than somebody telling somebody else that they know, like, and trust, they even love, about what you do or whatever. That's who I want to do business with."

John: "Everything has to start with a what, how, when, where, and then follow up with a why because you got to establish a little bit of pain. You know when you know that you're getting the sale is when the client starts asking questions back with what, where, when, why, how because that essentially means that they're wanting you to add layers of context to the explanation."

Sean: "It's about being with someone, figuring out how to communicate with them, to have a productive talk with them, and then from there just navigating the conversation to keeping in mind benefit, client, help."

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