Transforming Lives with Procurement and Passion with Jose Arnulfo Molina
In the Club by Club Colors · 64 minutes ·

Transforming Lives with Procurement and Passion with Jose Arnulfo Molina

In this episode of the In The Club Podcast by Club Colors, John features Jose Arnulfo Molina, Senior Manager Corporate Procurement at Constellation Brands, along with Club Colors' own Co-CEO Cris Tase.

Procurement is not just a numbers game. There is a relationship-building aspect to it where adding value and being transparent are the keys to success when representing massive brands like Corona and Modelo. 

Jose shares the values behind Modelo's Fighting Spirit campaign and how his passion for procurement is rooted in his family and Mexican heritage. He also shares his morning routine which includes daydreaming and brainstorming ideas.  



  • Add value, step away from the transaction, and be transparent
  • Modelo's Fighting Spirit campaign: Balancing branding and purpose
  • Passion in procurement regardless of industry = success
  • Heritage and family as Jose's driving forces
  • What’s next: Job opportunities in Constellation right now


Cris: "I think that's one of the fallacies of when you speak to procurement you just have to talk financial figures. I think, in a lot of ways, speaking vision and demonstrating that you understand the goals of the organization will align your capabilities potentially much better than just having a numbers conversation."

Jose: "If you wake up and you're not excited about what you're doing, then you're definitely in the wrong job. So you definitely have to be passionate about it."

Jose: "Be energetic, be passionate about what you're doing, and people will feed off of that and will understand that and they'll get a better sense of what you're trying to accomplish."

Jose: "You have to understand that being in procurement, you're going to have to wear two hats. Yes, you are buying and it's all about strategic sourcing and negotiations but, at the end of the day, you also have to get the buy-in from your stakeholders. Be upfront, be transparent, be walking the hallways, and get in front of your stakeholders."

Connect with Jose and ask about job openings at Constellation Brands by clicking the links below:

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