Vulnerability Creates a Brand That Resonates with Jay Abbasi
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Vulnerability Creates a Brand That Resonates with Jay Abbasi

This episode of the In The Club Podcast by Club Colors features Jay Abbasi, CEO and Founder of Jay Abbasi Consulting. Today, Jay shares how and why he moved from a promising career in Tesla to following his passion for coaching. He discusses what it means to have boundaries and why even the best people need coaching to align expectations with action.

In creating a brand, Jay shares that his biggest learnings are to stay human, be vulnerable, and most of all, ask your audience what it is that they want to see and hear from you for your message to resonate. This also translates into sales where asking your ICP what it is you did right and wrong in a sales call makes you a better salesperson at the end of that call.



  • Shifting perspectives: Leaving Tesla and breaking out on his own
  • Boundaries in business and focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses
  • Build a brand that resonates by asking your audience how
  • Create psychological safety to avoid stress and anxiety
  • Growth in the next 5 years



Jay on neuroplasticity and having boundaries Jay: "You're working 'til these late hours. You're training your mind that this is the norm. But what that ends up creating is unnecessary and unhealthy stress and anxiety because you're constantly at the mercy of all the stimuli. So how you set those boundaries is very strategic in how you're using your time."

Coaching is provoking thought to provoke action Jay: "That's what a great coach does, you ask the right questions to evoke the answers that create the lightbulb moments that then lead to a different action that is being committed to by the client."

Don't assume the language your readers want to read Jay: "The lesson there for me was go directly to the people that I want to help and ask them directly what it is that they really want. And, once I gathered that information, it then made it very easy for me to then make my branding, my headline on LinkedIn, my content to use the words that means something to the people of whom are reading it."


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