The Path to Marijuana Legalization
Getting Common · 60 minutes ·

The Path to Marijuana Legalization

What happens if you take marijuana to the airport in California, and board a plane bound for another state that has not decriminalized? If you live in Washington, D.C. and were convicted of a crime for possession or distribution of marijuana, is it expunged from your record? What does it mean to be in possession of marijuana in a jurisdiction that no longer arrests for minor possession? How can marijuana be legal in one state and not another? My guests Rafi Crockett, writer and producer of the forthcoming documentary, Higher Power (IG: @higherpowerfilm, FB: @higherpowerdc) , about cannabis legalization in D.C. told through the lens of the fight for statehood, and attorney Kimber A. Russell, a criminal defense attorney and advocate for marijuana legalization, will join the show to answer these questions and discuss the path to marijuana legalization nationwide.

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