Today we are chatting with my wonderful niece, Megan. Megan was an athlete and enjoyed spending time with family in her small, tight-knit hometown. Fast forward and she is 22 years old, in graduate school, and living in a new city. These great life events can be difficult, no matter what. However, Megan explains the extra challenge of going through these big transitions during the pandemic. Although the move and grad school have had their ups and downs, Megan explains how leaving her comfort zone has helped her to learn more about herself. She has been able to grow and flourish and is finding a fondness for her new life. If you are going through a big life change, I hope Megan’s story encourages you. 


Megan’s story:

●     Growing up in a small town

●     Finding a career path to help people

●     Graduate school for Speech Language Pathology


Going Deep:

●     Decision to move to a new city

●     Planning and preparation

●     Building new relationships



●     Consider whole self - emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical changes 

●     Take into consideration what will help you grow and flourish

●     Don’t let comfort in particular town stop you from going and reaching your goals


Library Time:

●     100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons

●     Walden by Henry David Thoreau


Since You Asked:

●     What is a focus word?

●     Mentioned #42: Giving Back to your Community with Jill

●     Read this blog post to learn more about focus words

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Final Questions:

●     Watching very little tv and definitely no Fox News for at least a month  

●     Loving being an aunt 

●     Self-care dream is to experience Greece with family

●     Superpower is balancing the highs and lows of a new town while performing as a grad student.

●     Looking forward to helping people because everyone deserves a voice.


Small Group Coaching:

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