Episode 13: Dunola Oladapo
Common Room Conversations · 51 minutes ·

Episode 13: Dunola Oladapo

We had a fun time in the Common Zoom with Dunola Oladapo, whose introduction as “passionate about people” seems irrefutably apparent throughout the episode, especially as she talks about the local charity she started called Luton Lights, which focuses on economic empowerment for women and girls (2:01). After her introduction, Dunola reflects on her career in banking and how, through various international summits and the Schwarzman program, she pivoted to international development, where she currently works as a digital inclusion program officer at the United Nation’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU) (3:29). Next, Dunola shares why she is passionate about youth and the need for impact on all levels - local, national, and International (9:32). Afterward, Dunola recounts why she founded Luton Lights, how it has evolved (19:11) and how she maintains her groundedness (29:29). Dunola then shares how she employs self-care, including being social and exercising her faith (39:23). Finally, Dunola shares what has been unexpected in her life and a song she would recommend to our listeners (45:04). 

Orgs/projects mentioned:

  • Luton Lights: https://lutonlights.com/
  • Generation Connect at the ITU: https://www.itu.int/generationconnect/

Song recommendation:

  • You Say by Lauren Daigle

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