Episode 15: George Batah
Common Room Conversations · 49 minutes ·

Episode 15: George Batah

As George zooms into today's episode in the Common Room, he begins by unpacking why he describes himself as a “grateful non-conformist realist” and shares his story of moving to the U.S. from Syria to attend college in Illinois (1:52). Next, George discusses how his experience in the U.S  as an immigrant proved to be everything he dreamed of and how he balances gratitude and non-conformity (9:25). George then shares how he decided to major in business, began his career in consulting, and started his non-profit, Syrian Youth Empowerment, while navigating the tension between his Syrian identity and his desire to make a difference globally (20:15). Finally, George ends on a fun note as he reflects on how he bonded with his cohort throughout the pandemic “SchwarzHouses” in the U.S. (North Carolina and Arizona), Thailand, Croatia, and Italy (37:29).

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  • Chafouni Zawali (Balti ft Akram Mag) 
  • Ya Habibi (Gims, Mohamed Ramadan) 

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