Episode 24: Miranda Gottlieb
Common Room Conversations · 53 minutes ·

Episode 24: Miranda Gottlieb

Miranda Gottlieb from the second cohort comes to the Common Zoom to chat with Willie. After they reminisce on common room furniture, Miranda's transition from country bumpkin to geopolitical watcher (3:25), Miranda discusses her professional journey from public health vis-a-vis the opioid epidemic to trade policy/healthcare in China and taking on an executive role at a COVID-19 testing startup (13:04).  Next, Miranda shares her experience navigating job transitions, negotiations, building a sustainable life (28:07) as well as her family upbringing and meeting her partner, Phil (36:48). Finally, Miranda and Wilie reflect on one of the transformative conversations they had while they were both in Schwarzman College (44:51). 

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