Episode 25: Cristina Parajon
Common Room Conversations · 63 minutes ·

Episode 25: Cristina Parajon

Cristina Parajon from the third cohort stops by and begins by sharing her experiences with Albequerque radio before explaining why and how "calculated rebelliousness" captures who she is (2:10). Next, Cristina recounts how she transitioned to a public sector career and what she's learned about herself as an analyst-turned-manager serving people experiencing homelessness (18:59). Afterward, she reflects on the barriers young people face in choosing the public sector as a career (30:39), as well as her experience applying to Harvard as a high school student in Nicaragua, finding her people there, and how she experienced Schwarzman as a newly minted college graduate (36:19). Finally, Cristina and Willie discuss life's biggest surprises before sharing some closing reflections (53:24). 

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