Episode 26: Esder Chong
Common Room Conversations · 57 minutes ·

Episode 26: Esder Chong

Esder Chong from the fifth cohort kicks off our Season 2 finale by sharing about her upbringing as the child of Korean missionaries, being a middle child, and how she's juggling the priorities in her life (7:08). Next, Esder shares her experience with activism and how it relates to and influences her identity as a dreamer - including how she's built community among people (e.g., undocumented, DACA, TPS students) trying to find home (14:48). Afterward, she reflects on her faith and how it relates to her experience at Schwarzman (26:48). Finally, Esder and Willie discuss Schwarzman Scholar values, World Cup championship predictions, practicing self-care, the story of her name and some reflections (37:35).

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