Branch Experience that Goes Hand In Hand With Digital

Branch Experience that Goes Hand In Hand With Digital

Sharon Anderson, President and CEO of Williamstown Bank in West Virginia faced the same problems most community banks face...intense competition, decline of lobby traffic, etc. To boot, she took over the week before the pandemic really took off in March 2020. But that didn't stop her...the bank started a donation based coffee shop and decided to undertake renovating the branches.

This brings us to David Welsh with the La Macchia Group. La Macchia has a very interesting approach in working with banks and other financial institutions to change their engagements with the community and one of the main areas here is rethinking the branch design.

I'm betting that most of us could get around in most community bank branches fairly easily. The layout hasn't changed much. But...what if it did? What if we approached this like the title of the show says (a direct quote from Sharon in the episode)...we created a branch experience that goes hand-in-hand with our digital one?

Check out La Macchia here:

Learn more about Williamstown Bank and The Giving Cup here:

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