6 | You Are Gaining Audience Insights Wrong ft. Christoph Knudsen
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6 | You Are Gaining Audience Insights Wrong ft. Christoph Knudsen

How do you go about gaining audience insights for your business?
Traditionally, when brands want to gain insights from their audience about new products, messaging, etc., they would have to hire an outside marketing firm to conduct a research project to gain those insights. While this is certainly effective, it's time-consuming and inefficient, particularly if marketers wish to gain those insights on a continuous basis.
In today's episode of Community Powered Marketing, Sue chats with Cristoph Knudsen, VP of Insights for Vesta. During this fascinating discussion, Christoph provides some insight into the challenges faced by businesses looking to gain audience insights using traditional market research companies.

You'll learn why one-off research projects are ineffective for businesses looking for real-time insights to help them make better decisions. You'll discover why it's so difficult to keep consumers on research panels engaged over time.

Sue and Christoph discuss the benefits of online communities and how they can help your business engage with consumers and gain powerful insights based on their feedback.

They also provide some examples of businesses that use the Vesta online community to build their audience, personalize their messaging and define the unique attributes of their brand.

Join Sue and Christoph as they explore the power of leveraging your online community to build your business and make better decisions based on the insights you gain from the process.


What You’ll Learn in this Show:
Why hiring a marketing research firm to gain audience insights is both time-consuming and inefficient for many businesses.
The benefits of Vesta's online community software and how it can address the key pain points faced by businesses.
Examples of best-in-class businesses that are using the Vesta online community to generate powerful insights in real-time and define the unique attributes of their brand. 
Three things you can do right now to leverage your community and generate insights.
And so much more...

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