7 | Becoming A Challenger Brand ft. Thyme Sullivan
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7 | Becoming A Challenger Brand ft. Thyme Sullivan

The feminine care market is a crowded one, with a wide range of products from long-standing brands, brands that have built up years of customer recognition and loyalty.
However, the growing movement toward organic and eco-friendly products has failed to take root in this space. That is, until TOP the organic project entered the scene.

In this episode of Community Powered Marketing, Sue chats with Thyme Sullivan, speaker and storyteller, as well as CEO and founder of TOP, The Organic Project, to discuss her company's industry-changing offerings. 

You'll discover why Thyme decided to leave behind a successful but otherwise uninspiring career in the corporate world to become an entrepreneur - and the challenges she's faced along the way.

You'll learn why TOP avoided the standard "disrupter" model of business, instead becoming a "challenger" brand, offering unique products and speaking to customers in ways no one else had.

You’ll hear about the importance of surrounding yourself with those who understand your mission and how TOP harnessed the power of their community to generate game-changing energy, passion, and word-of-mouth

Join Sue and Thyme as they discuss offering eco-friendly, organic products in an otherwise crowded market, finding your place as a female entrepreneur, and why Lady Gaga proved to be a major inspiration.


What You’ll Learn in this Show:
How Thyme transitioned from a life in the corporate world to that of an entrepreneur, and the significant challenges she met along the way.
TOP’s path to "challenger" brand, offering options that were otherwise unavailable in the market.
The struggles female entrepreneurs face in the investment space, and how Thyme was inspired by Lady Gaga.
How to amplify impact by harnessing the power of your most dedicated advocates.
And so much more...

https://toporganicproject.com (Top Organic Project)
https://www.vesta-go.com (Website)
https://twitter.com/VestaSolutions (Twitter)
https://www.linkedin.com/company/vesta-go (LinkedIn)

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