Episode 001: Document The Creation
Create Launch Monetize Podcast · 34 minutes ·

Episode 001: Document The Creation

In the first episode of Create, Launch, and Monetize Podcast, Sean Douglas and Anthony Franck lays the groundwork for what the podcast will deliver.  Step 1 is to "document the creation" by being very specific on what it is you want to create, how will you launch it, and how will you monetize your creation.

This episode contains the first of many steps Sean and Anthony discuss in depth to show you how to begin, which most people struggle with.  Start here, and get ready to create your way to authority and industry positioning.

For more information, go to www.CreateLaunchMonetize.com

Sean's website: www.TheSuccessCorps.com

Anthony's website: www.AnthonyFranck.com

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