Episode 4: "Why Would I Try Avocado?" | 2.7.2021
Cross Talk: The Kurtis & Paula Show! · 37 minutes ·

Episode 4: "Why Would I Try Avocado?" | 2.7.2021

In episode 4 of "The Kurtis & Paula Show!", you'll learn five things you don't know about either of us.  We spend a snowy afternoon in the studio with lots of laughs.  

Also in this episode...

•A simple recipe for making a bangin' roast
•How Kurtis feels about shoveling & clearing snow from the car
•Birthday shout outs!

All of this and more is what you'll find in episode 4.

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Email us with questions at [email protected]
Our website is www.kurtisandpaula.com.

Hope you enjoy!

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