Fate, Episode 7: Flock of Blows
Venture Maidens | A D&D Podcast · 44 minutes ·

Fate, Episode 7: Flock of Blows

Disclaimer: This episode and several other early episodes of the Fate campaign have significantly lower audio quality than our later episodes. If you would prefer to jump in to those later episodes due to quality, check out our ‘Recap’ episode which will catch you up on the story so far from Episodes 1-17.

Our heroes square off against the devious Madame Fortuna. Are any of these folks what they seem? What's with the toad stick? Is this challenge rating way too high?

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DM is Celeste Conowitch (@cconowitch) Arrnodel Ithil is Brittany Quintero (@vizualwarlock) Sawyeh Noor is Naseem Etemad (@nas_ghoul) Kara Brunehilde is Sage Stafford (@staffofsage)

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