117 - Dolphin Day
The Last Refuge - A D&D Podcast · 40 minutes ·

117 - Dolphin Day

The party voyages across the uncharted ocean towards the eastern island where they hope to confront their aasimar sister. Surprising no one, putting this crew on a ship in the middle of the sea doesn't go super well. Sea sickness, storms, damaged ship components, and just generally bad rolls make for a rough first 11 days at sea. Of course, nothing is quite as rough as where we end the episode. How long before Bria finally finds her sea legs? How long before Bria forgives me for forcing her onto a boat? And gods above and below, how long until they arrive at the eastern island? Find out on this week's episode of The Last Refuge. 



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  • Druid’s Grove - Maiden of the Wild - Score by Marc Cholette 
  • Ocean Voyage - Harbor - Anxo Martinez Calvo 
  • Ocean Voyage - Merchant Ship in Storm - Phil Lee 
  • Weather - Lightning Storm (Loopable) - Olivier Girardot

From: BattleBards.com 

Under License: BattleBards Podcasters Audio License 


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