118 - Bria's Worst Nightmare
The Last Refuge - A D&D Podcast · 50 minutes ·

118 - Bria's Worst Nightmare

The party is attacked by a coven of sea hags who board their ship and try to capture our adventurers. Unable to understand their language, the hags' motivations are unclear. What IS clear is that the party is in a fight for their lives, and, somewhat unsurprisingly, it doesn't go particularly well. Who will be the first to fall off the ship and into the ocean? How long before Kit Wild Shapes into some cool aquatic form? And what's up with DM Jazzy Hands this week? He sure is having a hard time putting words together. Find out on this week's episode of The Last Refuge. 



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  • Druid’s Grove - Maiden of the Wild - Score by Marc Cholette 
  • Ocean Voyage - Merchant Ship in Storm - Phil Lee 

From: BattleBards.com 

Under License: BattleBards Podcasters Audio License 

  • March of Midnight 

By: Scott Buckley 

From: www.scottbuckley.com.au 

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