The gang recovers from their tumultuous prison break. Flynn pulls an all nighter, Shraya comforts his newfound companion, and Ceallach and Olma debate the finer points of the being known as "The Outcast."

Venture Forth is a Dungeons and Dragons podcast. We play 5th edition (5e) Dungeons and Dragons in a home-brew D&D actual play setting. Our campaign takes place in the high fantasy realm of Elbor. A world of monsters, heroes and epic tales to be told. D&D is a TTRPG, a tabletop roleplaying game, also known as an RPG. Our gameplay is perfect for beginners to Dungeons and Dragons from episode 1. 

Olma Marsk is played by Rebecca Hausman, Flynn Felloweave is played by Russ Bartek, March is played by Bridget Black, Ceallach is played by Shane O'Loughlin, Shraya is played by Cameron Gregg and the DM is played by Ethan Ralphs.

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