In this episode, Welcome To The Party Pal revisits Wes Anderson's directorial debut Bottle Rocket, a cult classic that persists as one of the most cherished indie films of the 1990s. Bottle Rocket was written by Anderson and Owen Wilson and is based on Anderson's 1994 short film of the same name. Bottle Rocket is also the acting debut for brothers Owen and Luke Wilson, who co-starred with Robert Musgrave, their older brother Andrew Wilson, Lumi Cavazos, and the great James Caan. Throughout the episode host Michael Shields, with the help of pop culture, music, sports, and television writer Ryan O' Connell, expound upon what makes Bottle Rocket such an enduring indie classic while waxing nostalgic about the film's more memorable moments, and ultimately, they pay tribute to the recently deceased film legend James Caan who played a profoundly important role in making Bottle Rocket (and every film he took part in) so very special.

Ryan O'Connell is a writer, event professional, and one-time musician from the great state of Maine who currently resides in New Jersey. He has contributed work to UPROXX, Heavy, and BroBible. He also maintains his own blog Giddy Up America. Ryan has watched 'The Wire' all the way through five times and as a result, will make reference to it on a near-regular basis.

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