I Didn't Know WTF I Was Doing.... Podcast! Season 02 - Coming Soon!!!!

I Didn't Know WTF I Was Doing.... Podcast! Season 02 - Coming Soon!!!!

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What's this Podcast About?

Normalizing the conversation around that discomfort we feel when starting something we haven't done before. It's healthy to admit we are confused, struggling, or just don’t know what the right next step should be.

In our episodes, we share stories about undertaking new business adventures, discuss the silly mistakes we all make, and analyze the simple and complex struggles all of us have gone through, in order to reduce the stigma of what many consider failure, but what is really progress.

Hear from special guests, learn incredible tips and tricks, and let all of us help you avoid some of the inevitable setbacks that lay ahead on your adventure in life.

IDK WTF I'm doing, and it's okay if you don't either.

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