Episode 1  - Season 1  In the Spring of 2017 both Haley Novander & Liza Davis had a dream.  It was both humble, to create a podcast, and ambitious for two semi-professional procrastinators.  In the summer of 2017  they started recording the first episode on the roof of Liza's house, because the view was good but tragically the incorrectly set sound levels only recorded muffled laughter, the clinking of wine glasses, speed boat motors in the distance, and the cameo appearance of Ms. Meep, Liza's cat.  False start #1  Time mysteriously passed, as it does.  In the Fall of 2017 - they made another go of it, in Haley's bedroom at her parent's house, with a sign on her door in CLEAR SHARPIE CAPS reading : "Recording in Progress."  The recording began with great hopes.  The recording was interrupted, by a knock on Haley's door.  Her Mom had momentarily forgotten to read.  False #2 Was all LOST?  Haley and Liza thought so.  Time mysteriously passed, AGAIN. It is the Spring of 2019, the dream has haunted both Haley and Liza for years.  What happened to the lost tapes? Could they give it the "third-time is a charm" go?  They pinky-swear to fully commit to their shared dream of podcasting and entering the ring of thousands,  starry-eyed and self-esteem slightly askew.    In May 2019 - The lost tapes of False Start #2 are found in the decrepit files of Haley's old-model Apple computer.  They listen to them with wild-eyed wonder.  They aren't half bad, in fact they fancy them to be more than 50 per cent good! "Good enough," they cry and devise a mad-cap plan to create an INTRO in the present day to answer the age-old mystery  of  "Why don't we all follow through with our dreams in a timely manner?"  THEN to segue into an edited montage of the lost tapes of Fall 2017.  And close with an OUTRO of some  nauseating self-congratulations, you as a poddie have come to hate and love from all the creators that have every dared to create.  If we don't love our "stuff" who will?!  We swear our "stuff"smells like roses, or at least daffodils!  New Beginnings #1 Intro Song - There was a Time I Got (fill in the blank) is sung by Haley Novander & Liza Davis.  Ukulele strummings by Haley. Episode ONE is complete - One dream down!  and so many more to go! If you enjoy a giggle or two, sandwiching life wisdoms on how to JUST BE whether you are a fan of yourself or not, please find us on on your favorite Podcast platform and SUBSCRIBE, dammit, SUBSCRIBE.  You help give this podcast for a reason for opening it's eyes and greeting the day with hope and promise!  And even BETTER if you give us a Fabulous rating - we will digitally kiss your feet!  We will give shout OUTS  to the most deserving of REVIEWS!   And if you want even MORE than this podcast you can: EMAIL US ---   [email protected]    Instagram us ---- @WhatIDidntTellMyTherapist      https://www.instagram.com/whatididnttellmytherapist/  Tweet us @WhatTherapist   https://twitter.com/WhatTherapist  (Yeah, we know what it looks like...retroactive oops) Sending out LOVE and PRISHeeation for reading the shownotes! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/widtmtpodcast/message

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