The Ventura County Jane Doe of 1980
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The Ventura County Jane Doe of 1980

This episode is about the Ventura County Jane Doe of 1980. A big thank you to Lauren for pronouncing the Hispanic last names for me with her background in learning and teaching Spanish! Disclaimer, neither of us are Hispanic, but Lauren helps teach Spanish-speaking children English and has taken many years of Spanish and speaks almost fluently. We still had issues pronouncing some of the last names (sorry if it's offensive!), so please visit either the Doe Network or DNA Doe Project links below to read them. Agency Name: Ventura County Sheriff's Department Agency Contact Person: Det. Kevin Bernzott Agency Phone Number: 805-383-8704 Agency Case Number: 80-12246 Sources: DNA Doe Project March 2020 Update with last names: People v Davis (1994) ruling: Image Credit: National Center for Missing & Exploited Children GEDmatch website: FTDNA info: --- Support this podcast:

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