S3E19. Resilience, Plum Blossoms, & Comic Books | Ft. Jason Loftus
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S3E19. Resilience, Plum Blossoms, & Comic Books | Ft. Jason Loftus

*This episode contains light spoilers for the film Eternal Spring(https://eternalspringfilm.com/), Canada’s Oscar entry in the International Feature Film category for this year's Academy Awards*

Hi Guys! We had such an amazing time getting this episode together and we are so thankful to Jason and his team for their time amidst a jam-packed schedule.  Make sure to listen to the end where we recap some of our pre-interview notes as well! 

In this episode, we talk to the director of the flim Eternal Spring, Jason Loftus, about his art, how he finds his projects, and the village of people it took to bring Eternal Spring to life.  We jump from chatting about resilience during the filmmaking process of Eternal Spring, the post production experience Jason, DaXiong, and his team have had, to hearing more about the imagery in the film and its courageous people.  You guys know at FND we love talking to people who are dedicated to their craft, so we hope you enjoy listening!  Check out https://eternalspringfilm.com/ for upcoming film times in your city worldwide -- catch it if you can, we couldn't recommend it more! 

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