COVID Era and SLP dysphagia practice
Down the Hatch - The Swallowing Podcast · 105 minutes ·

COVID Era and SLP dysphagia practice

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has drastically changed health care practice around the world. Many medical speech language pathologists are uncertain about how and whether to continue managing patients with swallowing impairments (dysphagia), and if so... whom? In this episode of Down the Hatch, special guests with expertise in swallowing research and clinical practice discuss questions that center around whether SLPs are essential practitioners at this critical time.

Links to sources referenced can be found here:

CMS recommendations:

AAOHNS's statement as of 3/26:

CDC on minimization of transmission within different settings:

Ventilation and PPE usage with aerosol transmission:

High-risk patient factors for severe illness from COVID-19:

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