Experience versus Expertise Part 1
Down the Hatch - The Swallowing Podcast · 54 minutes ·

Experience versus Expertise Part 1

What is an expert? Do more years of experience guarantee a deepening of knowledge? Do scientists think differently than clinicians? In this episode of Down the Hatch (The Swallowing Podcast), hosts Alicia Vose and Ianessa Humbert discuss how to obtain knowledge, with an emphasis on swallowing and swallowing disorders. This episode was created in response to feedback from the Swallowing Physiology Series we recently completed, where listeners wanted to know "How do I become an expert in swallowing?" and, importantly, "How do I know who to trust as an 'expert' in swallowing?". Vose and Humbert differentiate Clinical thinking from Scientific thinking and make practical suggestions for how to obtain knowledge, ranging from self-study to academic degrees. How have you deepened your knowledge on the topic of swallowing and swallowing disorders?

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