CALE 2020: Leadership Innovator Podcast | Becoming a Trusted Leader
The Low Down · 38 minutes ·

CALE 2020: Leadership Innovator Podcast | Becoming a Trusted Leader

Leadership Innovator Podcast | Becoming a Trusted Leader
Caroline Ceniza-Levine ’93BC - Speaker
Co-Founder and Career Coach

Inspiration is important, but truly effective leadership requires the ability to engender trust— both within your organization and among your audience. In this segment, Caroline Ceniza-Levine '93BC analyzes this key leadership trait and offers tips on how to cultivate it yourself.

Caroline Ceniza-Levine '93BC is a longtime recruiter, media personality on career issues and a career coach who helps people make a great living doing work they love.

A Senior Contributor to Forbes, Caroline also formerly wrote career columns in Money, CNBC and Portfolio. She has appeared as a guest expert on CNN, CNBC, CBS, FOX Business and other outlets.

As a coach, Caroline has worked with professionals from Amazon, Conde Nast, Goldman Sachs, Google, McKinsey, Tesla, and other leading firms. Caroline teaches at Columbia University, wrote “Jump Ship: 10 Steps To Starting A New Career“ and created the online courses, “Behind The Scenes In The Hiring Process” and “Making FIRE Possible”.

Caroline specializes in career change and is a multiple-time career changer (classical pianist, banker, consultant, executive recruiter, actor, HR, entrepreneur…). Her latest career adventures include running SixFigureStart® career coaching, and CostaRicaFIRE, a personal finance and real estate site.

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