Episode 5: WOC World
Down to the Struts · 51 minutes ·

Episode 5: WOC World

While earlier episodes of Down to the Struts have focused on how to design a more inclusive world at large, this interview looks inward, at how disabled people design and build our own spaces.

Justice Shorter, Melissa Lomax, and Conchita Hernandez Legorreta are the founders of WOC World: A Virtual Community for Blind Women of Color. Driven by their values of collective leadership, disability justice, and mutual aid, they have created an active community of support, mentorship, and love for blind women of color.

In this episode, Justice, Melissa, Conchita, and Qudsiya discuss navigating the world as people with multiple marginalized identities, why spaces like WOC World are revolutionary and transformative, the importance of diversity and inclusion in mentorship, and what they hope to achieve through this community.

This episode is dedicated to disabled women of color everywhere. Know that you are seen, believe that you are beautiful and perfect, and remember that you are loved.


WOC World
Fashionably Tardy
Precious Perez - Valiente
Video: The Origin of the phrase "Women of Color"

Transcript available on our website.

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