Full of Grace
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Full of Grace

For such a long time, I (Kara) thought the Immaculate Conception was all about Jesus. After all… he was miraculously conceived! BUT this Feast, which we celebrate today on December 8th, is All. About. MARY!
Mary was immaculately conceived in the womb of her mother. She was created without the stain of Original Sin. She was always “Full of Grace.”
In this “shorty” Kara dives into a Scriptural study of key texts to point to Mary’s Immaculate Conception with hopes that each listener would be drawn deeper into the celebration of this feast and Holy Day of obligation.
Questions answered:
1. How do we know Mary was special or set apart?
1. What is the Immaculate Conception?
1. What is Original Sin? Where is that in Scripture?
1. Where is Mary’s Immaculate Conception found in Scripture?
*Words Referenced: *
Kecharitōmenē: Greek word for “full of grace” in Luke 1:28
Charis: Greek word meaning grace
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