20. Applying Human Design to Manifestation w/ Rachel Graham
Dream Your Life: Manifest A Life You Love · 43 minutes ·

20. Applying Human Design to Manifestation w/ Rachel Graham

Today Julia sits down with Rachel Graham, a manifestation life coach and human design reader from Baltimore, Maryland.

After struggling with a lack of purpose and while working a 9-5 job, Rachel discovered human design and began applying it to basic manifestation principles.  She went from feeling stuck and uninspired to gaining clarity on her desires, enrolling in a coaching certification, quitting her job, starting her own business and creating her own dream life.

Julia and Rachel talk manifestation, human design, energy, love and shifting limiting beliefs through a 5 step healing process.

Hope this episode brings you peace, clarity and inspiration.

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“Human Design is a roadmap to understanding your unique energy.  Just like you have unique DNA, your energy is going to be unique as well.  So wouldn’t that manner in terms of using your energy to manifest new forms of energy into your life?”

“Human Design is not telling you who you are or what your personality is…it’s more of a tool and an experiment for how to understand your energy and work with it.”

“The idea of Human Design is to keep you empowered, rather than limit you.”

“Pairing intention - a form of clarity on what you want - with elevated emotion is the starting point for anything.  Clarity will give direction and the elevated emotion - joy, gratitude, trust - that’s the fuel in the tank.  The momentum is going to be created from there.”

“It’s not the action that’s going to determine the outcome, it’s the energy behind the action.”

“As soon as you release a [limiting] belief, you need to immediately replace it.  You pull a weed up from your garden, it’s time to immediately plant a new seed or the same belief is just going to grow again.”

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