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German New Medicine Made Easy podcast teaches a new paradigm in which to understand disease and illness.  Have you ever wondered why seemingly healthy people get cancer and why people who appear to do all the "wrong" things are still going strong at 85?

In this episode, I discuss chronic conditions - those pesky symptoms that won't go away no matter what you do. What are these from a GNM perspective? And what can we do to resolve them forever??

Rashes, "Parkinsons," "diabetes," dementia, warts, etc.  These all have one thing in common: the person is on a hamster wheel going round and round.  What to do?  Listen and find out!

Andi Locke Mears is a Certified Whole Health Educator and Holistic Health Practitioner who has been teaching and consulting with GNM since 2009.  

Every episode explains a nugget of information about the 5 Biological Laws, the physician who discovered them, and how we can use them in our lives to understand our bodies, our symptoms, and our diseases.  

Learn to resolve your issues from an entirely different perspective that is not allopathic, holistic, or alternative. Instead, it is biological and is true for all living beings including animals. 

Learn how diseases begin, their natural progress, how they resolve and how they can become "chronic." 

Empower yourself with this information and you'll be able to make different - and better - healthcare decisions for yourself.

Andi has an MA from the University of Maine and has multiple holistic and alternative certifications and training in herbalism, nutrition, complex homeopathy, functional medicine testing, colon health and German New Medicine.  She sold her wellness center in Maine in 2012 to focus on teaching and consulting worldwide with GNM.  She offers dynamic, virtual GNM courses and speaks at conferences across the US. 

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